A/DA Releases APP-1 Preamp

Thursday, December 8, 2011| by Will Chen

A/DA has released the new APP-1 preamp pedal (MSRP $399) designed by David Tarnowski (of MP-1 fame) per the A/DA web site: "The new A/DA APP-1 Pedal PreampTM is...a no-compromise 2 channel low noise all analog preamp, and the first product to use his new patent-pending “D-TORSION” Core Technology to achieve greater dynamics, string sensitivity and a wider range of guitar tones. You can go from crystal clear clean to over-the-top grind without touching a single knob on your guitar, pedals or amplifier. It has more bloom than the most nimble Class-A tube combo amp and can ring-out single-coil harmonics to frightening levels – all done with the subtlety of how hard you hit the strings. You can also dial-in more “squeeze” than a classic germanium diode distortion box."


  • D-TORSION CORE Dynamics and Sensitivity Control 
  • All Analog Signal Path 
  • Independent Passive Tone Stacks 
  • Independent Pre-Distortion VOICING for CLEAN, OD & DISTORTION 
  • Adjustable Level Dual-Buffered EFFECTS LOOP 
  • Foot Switched BOOST up to +16dB 
  • All-Steel Industrial Grade Enclosure 
  • Hand Made in California

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