Welcome to FrugalGuitarist.com...2.0

Sunday, November 6, 2011| by Will Chen

Alright, so I've decided to go ahead and pull the trigger  on the long overdue update and am running FrugalGuitarist.com "2.0"! The site as a while is essentially a blog now allowing comment on all the content including the reviews (sheesh, I already got hit with a spam bot!). All the content from the original blog has been merged with the reviews, articles, and editorials. However, the biggest enhancements are at the back end which allows me a much more efficient way to manage the site. I still have a bunch of stuff to categorize and have some work to do re-embedding all the clips into the reviews (though if you have bookmarks directly to any of the old links they should still work), so pardon the dust while things are under construction (mail won't be up for likely close to a week). Thanks for all your continued support!

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