Who will bring us the next generation of MIDI Guitars? Squier...Seriously!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010| by Will Chen

While Squier has long been a brand associated with affordable instruments, they've never been known as ground breaking. Well that's all about to change. The world's of guitar gaming and actual guitar playing have been flirting since the introduction of Guitar Hero with several seemingly always in the near future competitors trying to converge the technologies. We've seen some promising potential for instruments which could rise out of the realm of toys and be used as actual MIDI controllers from the YouRock guitar and the prototype Z Labs Rock Controller. But it looks like Fender (technically Squier), will be the first to market with an affordable MIDI guitar/game controller.

The instrument, simply dubbed the Stratocaster Guitar and Controller, features a single humbucking pickup wired to a volume control for traditional tones while utilizing a pressure sensitive fretboard and string mute (cleverly disguised as a neck pickup) to generate MIDI messages which are transmitted by a standard 5-pin MIDI output. There are additional a bunch of controls and muttons on the pickguard which will hopefully be assignable to send MIDI continuous controller messages. The current release date is March 1st 2011 with a very affordable price tag of $279.99.

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