Gig Report: Will Chen Trio Nov 4th Lakewood Bar & Grill

Thursday, November 4, 2010| by Will Chen

[Taken from a post at the Forum, stop by and say hello!]

Well, our debut performance went pretty well. Actually had a decent turnout of a Wednesday night. I'd been playing around with some different ideas rig wise but when it came down to it I choose my Luna Athena (w/ pups rewound by our very own big_tee) and SX SST57 (Rose Mariposa pups) as a backup.

Guitars went into my board which featured a crybaby wah, Boss BD-2, modded Boss DS-1, MOEN tremolo, MOEN GFX1 (bypass looper), and Digitech TimeBender. While it was nice having all the effects on tap, I really didn't use much and (the delay and DS-1 saw the most action) ao I'm considering scaling things back considerably.

I plugged into the Tech 21 Trademark 60 using channel 2 with the gain around 10 o'clock, growl just past noon, master bass just over noon, and treble pushing 3 o'clock.

Tonally, can't complain! I did have an issue with my Luna forcing a switch to the SX for the second biggie.

As a group we performed about as expected. The places we have trouble in practice reared their ugly head at the gig as well. I tried to call a blues on the fly and found out very quickly that the group just isn't ready for that type of impromptu call. Ended up actually singing Little Wing as an encore which was fun.

The event as a whole certainly put some ideas into my head about the direction we'll take in upcoming gigs. If you're on Facebook, be sure to become a fan of my artist page in order to be notified of future gigs.

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