ZT Amplifiers Lunchbox and The Club Specs

Sunday, October 24, 2010| by Will Chen

ZT Amplifiers Head to Head

by Will Chen

Who’s better? Who’s best? As with all things, application must be considered. From an all around utility perspective, the ZT Lunchbox is really in a category all to itself. The company claims it’s the smallest amp capable of gig-worthy volume and I believe it. What’s even more impressive is that it sounds good pumping out the volume. And for those whose tonal tastes require more girth, it also works great as a head powering a larger cabinet. Shoot, it’s even smaller than the vast majority of heads on the market! On the other hand, having a bigger speaker, plate style reverb, and effects loop are very welcome upgrades of The Club over the Lunchbox. The Club has low end to spare without requiring an additional cabinet and is capable of more volume. The two band EQ of the The Club allows a bit more tonal wiggle room as well. Here are the head to head specs:/p>

Model: Lunchbox The Club
Power: 200 watts Class A/B 200 watts Class A/B
Peak Output: 120 db at 1 meter 131 db at 1 meter
Speaker: 6.5” 12”
EQ: Single Tone Control Treble and Bass Controls
Effects loop: No Yes
Reverb: Ambience (open back cabinet simulator) Emulated Plate
Aux Input: 1/8” 1/8”
Weight: 9.5 lbs 22 lbs
Price: ~$260 USD ~$460 USD

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