DIY IKEA Pedalboard

Tuesday, July 6, 2010| by Will Chen

Ok, the IKEA GORM pedalboard has reached nearly legendary status on the internet with some creative individuals turning out some extremely professional results. I decided to give it a shot myself, but really wanted a metal frame rather the the wood on the GORM based pedalboards are made of. So off to my local IKEA (if you don’t have one locally, you can also shop online from their website).

In the self serve section, I found the perfect candidate in the BRODER shelf which combines a galvanized steel frame with a wire mesh top (and center support). It comes in multiple sizes, but I choose the smallest at 31 X 14 ¼” at $12.50. Ooohhhh, the excitement was building…

Next up was addressing the bottom of the unit as it would slide all over the typical stage. I needed rubber feet of some kind and also wanted a slight tilt to allow easier access to the second pedal row. I headed off to Lowe’s to search for some rubber feet. For the front edge of the board, I used stick on rubber feet which were intended to stop furniture from sliding on hard surfaces. However, they didn’t have anything taller for the back edge to get any tilt. I was about to give up when I asked someone if they had any alternatives which would work and was led to the rubber corks. Perfect! The BRODER came with 4 machine screws which would be perfect for mounting the cork. So I headed home, drilled holes through the center of the cork and screwed them in. I bought 4 at a little over a dollar each.

To finish things off, I used black cable ties to attached a power strip to the top of the board and to secure each pedal. Here’s a (sloppy) pic of the work in progress…with room to grow!

IKEA pedalboard

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