3 Guitar Companies I'd Like To See More In America

Friday, June 25, 2010| by Will Chen

OK, many of these brands are offered in America via mail order and occasionally pop up on domestic eBay auctions...what I'm saying is I wish I could pop into a local shop and give the gear a spin. I've been coveting a few axes from these mostly European companies for quite some time now...

  1. Vintage Guitars - Distributed by John Hornby Skewes & Co, Ltd, these Trev Wilkinson designed guitars offer up modern version of the classic designs and are regularly praised in UK guitar mags. Pricing is on the more affordable side of the spectrum and they have a long list of endorsees.

  2. Indie - Indie claims to be the fastest growing guitar company in the UK and expanded to North America in 2008 setting up Canadian distribution operations. They have a limited dealer network in the US but I've never seen one of their guitars in a shop. I picked up their Shape Total Natural a while back from JSD's Guitar Shack and was extremely impressed. Keep an eye on these guys, I have a feeling they're gonna explode...

  3. Hutchins - Founded by Gary Hutchins, Hutchins guitars features a wide range of instruments inspired by the funky designs of Vox, Burns, Hoffner in the 60's. While initially taking the dealer network route, Hutchins has more recently begun selling there instruments direct in the UK.

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