On Old Friend Returns!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010| by Will Chen

So I recently moved and part of the move involved trying to sort through a few boxes of stuff I've been carrying around a long time. I now have a small room dedicated as an office/studio but I had to share it with these boxes which sat in the corner constantly taunting me. Well a week ago or so I finally opened them up and went through all the junk. And it was almost all junk...  

However, I found an old friend which from 10+ years ago...a Whirlwind Leader cable. I adored this cable but packed it up who knows how many moves ago and forgot about it. I must admit feeling a bit weird in having an emotional attachment to a guitar cable.  I mean it's just coper wire and rubber tubing! But man, does it feel good to be plugging into that cable again. Sounds as good as the day I got it too.

At twice (or more) the price of my second favorite cable (pick up the First Act alternative at your local big box retailer, avoid the cheap no name Guitar Center cables at all costs,  thank me later), it was well worth the price for me.

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