Digitech RP255 vs Zoom G2.1nu Spec

Sunday, June 13, 2010| by Will Chen

Digitech RP255 vs ZOOM G2.1nu Spec Comparison

by Will Chen

Pedal Digitech RP255 Zoom G2.1nu
Approx Street Price ~$150 ~$200
Sample Rate 24-bit 44.1kHz 24-bit 96khz
Inputs 2 (Guitar and Aux input) 1 Guitar Input
Outputs Dual 1/4" outputs plus 1/8" headphone jack Stereo 1/4" jack
Power Switch No Yes
USB 2X2 16bit/24bit 2X2 16bit
Patch Memory 140 (70 user/70 factory) 200 (100 user/100 factory)
Display Polarized LCD Backlit LCD
Expression Pedal Yes, fully programable Yes, limited programablity
Additional Pedal(s) No Yes, a second fully programable Expression pedal or momentary footswitch
Bundled Software Cubase LE4, X-Edit Patch Editor Cubase LE4, Edit & Share Patch Editor
Compression 2 types 3 types
Wah 4 types (cry, Vox, Fullrange, Auto) 3 (cry, Vox, Auto)
Stompbox (OD/Dist) 13, original controls modeled 29 (Amps included as they can't be used together), original controls not modeled
Amp Models 24 29 (OD/Dist included as they can't be used together)
Cabinet Models 14 4 (3 distinctly selectable globally, and a "Matched" option)
EQ 3 band semi parametric 6 Band graphic
Tremolo 2 types 1 type
Chorus 3 types plus detune 4 types plus detune
Vibrato 3 (2 vibrato and 1 rotary) 1
Phaser 1 type 1 type
Flanger 3 types 2 types
Pitch Shift Intelligent, Pedal (Whammy), and monophonic Intelligent, Pedal, and monophonic
Delay 5 Types, up to 5 Seconds 9 Types, up to 5 Seconds (4 in the modulation module, 5 in the delay module)
Reverb 6 Types 8 Types (1 in the modulation module, 7 in the reverb module)
Looper 20 sec 5 sec
Drum Machine 60 Patterns 40 Patterns

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