Digitech RP255 vs ZOOM G2.1nu

Sunday, June 13, 2010| by Will Chen

Compact multi effects pedals have a historic reputation of being a jack of all trades, master of none. However, recent advances in programming algorithms and ever increasing processing power have provided an evolutionary jump over the last 5 years or so of an extraordinary magnitude. While it’s still a bit naïve to believe any one unit can provide everything you’ll ever need tonally (let’s not forgot for the most part we’re still subject to each company’s interpretation of how things sound), it’s getting to a point where casual players can be completely satisfied with an all-in-one unit and the more serious and finicky pickers will only need to supplement these little wonders with a few selected personal favorites.

Today, well provide a head to head review of the Digitech RP255 and the Zoom G2.1nu. Both units provide a compact form factor perfect for fitting onto a pedal board and have a street price below $200 USD. For the reviews, each pedal was tested with numerous guitars including (but not limited to) an SX SST57 (Strat style), PRS SE Singlecut, and Fernandes Thinline (Tele style) and run though a VHT Special 6 in a rehearsal scenario, Peavey Bandit into the front end as well as the effects return, and monitored direct on headphones . However rather than a point to point break down of performance in each specific scenario, I’ll be providing my general impressions of how the units performed individually across the board and a wrap up contrasting the strengths of each unit.

Let the battle begin!

Intro | Digitech RP255 | ZOOM G2.1nu | Head to Head | Spec Comparison

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