Reviews of the MOEN Overdrive and Fuzz Moo, VHT Special 6 Schematic, and More Published!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010| by Will Chen

Good Morning Frugal Guitarists!

This month's update includes reviews of some great affordable pedals from MOEN, their Overdrive and Fuzz Moo. Both were very impressive offering some unique tonal twists on classic designs. Also published is an interview with the designer of the VHT Special 6, Terry Buddingh. If the name sounds familiar, it's due to his work with numerous guitar and bass gear magazines over the years. He was also kind enough to provide FrugalGuitarist an exclusive...the official VHT Special 6 schematic! Rounding out the update is a list of 5 Affordable North American Guitar Manufacturers. Coming soon, reviews of the Arbor AS310 and a Digitech RP255 vs Zoom G2.1nu head to head.

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