5 Guitar Galleries You Need To Check Out

Monday, January 11, 2010| by Will Chen

I admit it, I love drooling over guitars. I bet you do to. Here's a few links to some excellent guitar porn for a rainy day...

MyRareGuitars.com - This is the home page of Michael Robinson, founder of Eastwood Guitars. Included is a great collection of vintage, off brand, and odd ball guitars indexed by decade. The site is semi commercial in nature (as you might expect) but the photos are high quality and I guarantee you'll see something here you've never seen before. 

theguitarcollection.org.uk - This site features the personal collection of Guy Mackenzie and includes 12 ultra rare Burns London Supersound guitars which were famously found in a basement in April of 2009 in near mint condition. 

Arkay's Collection - An active member of the Harmony Central forum, Arkay has a very nice collection of mostly affordable and midrange instruments displayed here including some fairly rare guitars. I should also add that the guitars have been photographed beautifully and each guitar has its own mini gallery displaying the guitar from multiple angles and a spec sheet. He also has a secondary gallery of formerly owned guitars.

William Laskin Gallery - Never heard of William Laskin? He's the one of the premier inlay artists in North America, perhaps the world. This is a showcase collection intended as advertisement of his custom made instruments but worth a look if only for the "How'd he do that?" factor.

Mojocaster Guitar Pics - Very good collection of a wide range of guitars from Squiers all the way to high doallar Nic Huber Custom guitars. Each link displays a nice gallery of photos. Many of the pics also appear at GuitPics.com.


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