VOX Releases Solid State AC30VR and AC15VR in Japan

Thursday, November 19, 2009| by Will Chen

While VOX is certainly most well known for their EL84 tube driven AC30 and AC15, they have also created quite a few solid state amps over the years including the Conqueror, Defiant, Super Beatle, and AC30SS. Well, the AC30 is about to get another solid state makeover (along with the AC15).

Vox has recently released the AC30VR and AC15VR (VR stands for Valve Reactor) in Japan. The company has made a bunch of fans with their Valve Reactor technology within their modeling amps which claim to emulate a tube power amp and negative feedback circuit utilizing a single 12AX7 tube run at low voltage.

Both amps feature a modern channel switching design with an overdrive channel featuring two different voicings and a master section to control overall level and reverb. The AC30VR additional features the famous Vox "Cut" tone control in the master section. Vox has been very quiet about these but recently, a video has surfaced from Japan with a quick sound sample of the AC30VR.

Here's a translated link to the Vox Japan AC30VR page.

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