Yet Another Rock Supergoup - Them Crooked Vultures

Monday, November 9, 2009| by Will Chen

In a time when rock supergroups seem to be in vogue with Velvet Revolver and Chickenfoot being the most recently successful, it only seemed a matter of time before drummer/guitarist extraordinaire and Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl threw his hat into the mix. However, rather than going the more commercially safe route the previously mentioned bands traveled, Grohl's project Them Crooked Vultures looks to be an aggressive mix of groove oriented grunge which brings some authority back the alternative genre (which in name has largely become a parody of itself, alternative to what?).

Them Crooked Vultures features Grohl on drums, Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age) serving guitar/vocal duty, and none other than John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin) on bass.

The bands self titled debut album is scheduled for release Nov 17th in the US and you can here the album's first single, New Fang, at their website.

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