Wiring a Push/Push Pot

Monday, September 14, 2009| by Will Chen

Push/pull pots have been a long time standard for guitarists looking to split a humbucker without drilling a new whole into their guitar. Now, there’s a new and arguably better pot in town, the push/push pot. The push/push pot’s anatomy is basically the same as a push/pull with a pot mounted to the top of a dual pole dual throw on-on switch with the difference being a push/push pot is actuated like a clickable ball point pen allowing quicker switching than a push/pull. They are available in 250K and 500K values for single or humbucker use respectively.

The following are some basic wiring schematics using a push/push ( or push/pull pot) to hot wire a humbucker. The leads from the humbucker are indicated in alpha pairs (A & B are the primary coil and C & D the secondary). In each diagram, you are looking at the switch with the pot on the top.

Single split

Dual Split

Series Parallel

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