LACE® Unveils Alumitone® Deathbucker™

Wednesday, July 1, 2009| by Will Chen

Huntington Beach, Ca- Lace® Music Products has released the high gain, full fidelity humbucker size, Deathbucker™ this week.

Using patented and patent pending Lace® “current driven” technology, the Deathbucker™ was designed by Jeff Lace, for high output with a heavy metal drive. Extreme output with thunderous bottom end, yet crisp highs allow the player the most versatile of high output pickups.

This new “current driven” technology is only available from Lace®. It is considered one of the most revolutionary concepts in pickup design today.

Celebrating 30 years this year in business, Lace® is known as the most innovative pickup company today. Products include the world famous Lace Sensor®.

“This passive design yields active pickup performance with absolutely zero noise and no need for a battery” stated Jeff Lace. “In split mode, the unique Alumitone® design is dead quite with full range” further stated Lace.

Another Deathbucker™ advantage is there is no volume drop in split mode and working as a single coil; noise is virtually eliminated in comparison to standard old style humbucker designs.

Deathbuckers™ are compatible with all guitars and other pickups. As an easy drop in replacement, the 4 conductor design needs only 250k pots. It is excellent for any playing situation from live to direct to board recording.

Deathbuckers™ are available in black and are shipping now.

For more information, please call 800 575.LACE or visit us on the web at

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