First Act MX020 20 Foot Cable

Monday, June 29, 2009| by Will Chen

It was late on a Saturday night and I needed a cable for a Sunday morning gig. All the local music stores and even Radio Shack was closed. I was about to work up an alternative setup for the next day when I remembered a local Walmart carried a selection of First Act gear. I figured it was worth a shot…

Well, my hunch was right as they stocked First Act’s instrument cables in a 20 foot length for around $10. I must admit I was a bit leery buying a cable from the toy section of a big box retailer, but I went ahead and picked up a pair.

The cables are professional in appearance with gold plated 1/4” jacks in a slightly oversized heat shrunk casing with a reinforced end, featuring an accordion carve to reduce stress where the cable meets the jack. With the exception of a white band around the heat shrink tubing, the cable has a generic non-descript black appearance.

I plugged up the cable, and to be honest, it rivals the sound of my (lower end) monster cable which cost nearly three times as much. In a blind test, I would never be able to tell the difference. I’ve used one of the cables as part of my primary rig for nearly six months now and haven’t had an issue and the second sits snug in my case serving backup duty. Next time I need a cable, I’m skipping the music stores and heading to the closest First Act dealer.

Price: ~$10 USD
Pros: High quality and very affordable
Cons: None