AcmeBarGig Offers New Amp Modeling VST for Free

Thursday, April 30, 2009| by Will Chen

AcmeBarGig is offering two new amp modeling VST effects for free.  D.I.G. - Dual Integrated Gain simulates a guitar amp utilizing a pair of 12AX7 tubes and additionally features a cabinet shaper, noise gate, and delay. B.I.G. - Bass Integrated Gain is a bass guitar amp based on the same technology of D.I.G. tuned for bass guitar with the inclusion of a compressor. Both plugins feature Gut technology allowing modification of the internal virtual circuit to fine tune tones.

AcmeBarGig started as a music promotion company based in Hamilton Ontario. The name has been in existence since 1986 when Ken McLaren was promoting local concerts at various venues around Hamilton and Toronto.

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