The May/June Issue of will be Published Monday May 4th

Wednesday, April 15, 2009| by Will Chen

Thanks for making the March/April issue our most succesful to date! The May/June issue of will be published Monday, May 4th and feature a few mid range electrics, a round up of Marshal-in-a-box pedals, and our first guitar mod article.

Planned content for the May/June issue of is as follows, but may be subject to change:

  • Mid Range Electrics
    • Indie Shape Total Natural
    • Michael Kelly Valor X
    • Reverend Roundhouse
  • Marshall-In-a-Box Roundup
    • AMT M1
    • Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret
    • First Act V-Stack Classic 
    • Fulltone OCD 
    • Pro Tone Jason Becker
    • Radial ToneBone Hot British
    • SOS Effects Defibrillator
    • Tech 21 Character Series British
    • Wampler Plextortion and Super Plextortion
    • (Additional pedals pending)
  • AdrenaLinn III
  • Studio Devil Virtual Guitar Amp & Virtual Bass Amp
  • First Act Cables
  • PupSwitch One
  • Sonic Reality Infinite Player
  • Dallas Guitar Show
  • Installing a Push/Push Coil Split Pot
  • Spice up Your Turnaround Part III
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