Jimi Hendrix Childhood Home "Deconstructed"

Wednesday, April 1, 2009| by Will Chen

The Seattle times reported yesterday that the 900-square-foot house where Jimi Hendrix lived from ages 10 to 13 and first expressed his incredible musical prowess will soon be gone.

Seattle real-estate investor Pete Sikov originally planned to buy the house, move it to a new location where he and the James Marshall Hendrix Foundation hoped to renovate the house into a music center. However, the plan didn't come to fruition and the city ordered the dilapidated home demolished. Currently, the house stands as an empty shell with the original interior gutted to be labeled, cataloged and stored "in a safe place" per Sikov who refers to the home as being "deconstructed" rather than demolished.  One option on the table is the pieces may be sold as a fundraiser for First Place, an agency that helps homeless children .

Read the original story published by the The Seattle Times.

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