Are You an Elitist?

Monday, February 23, 2009| by Will Chen

The following blog post is copied from a post at the Harmony Central Guitar Forum as an alternative viewpoint to the daily banter surrounding brand x versus brand y's superiority...

I love guitar. I love it like my wife and many friends will never understand. It’s an extension of my soul, my drug, my prison, my freedom. I love talking to others who share my view. HC is a place where I’ve found many who have a similar viewpoint to exchange ideas. Playing the guitar is indeed a gift to me which I wish I could share with the world.

This ideology is why I just can’t understand the elitist attitude of some players. I find it humorous that some would think anybody actually cares what the name is on the headstock of your guitar. I've made it a point over the years to constantly play brands off the beaten path as I find inspiration in being unique rather than another face in the crowd. If you aren't getting paid to endorse that name on your headstock, you’re nothing more than part of the marketing machine. Certain brands have a history of which we guitarists can get a bit nostalgic about. But in the end, the headstock sticker’s primary purpose is to sell more guitars, nothing more nothing less, and really only serves as a convenient way for us to describe a known set of design choices.

I think we can all agree that a guitar is the sum of it’s parts. But even the finest instrument in the hands of a novice will sound like toy. True talent on the guitar transcends the gear used to make it...

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