Winter NAMM

Wednesday, January 14, 2009| by Will Chen

Winter NAMM 2009 officially starts at 10 AM Jan 15th and I couldn't be more excited.  Well, actually I would be much more excited if was covering the event but I digress...

What, you've never heard of NAMM? NAMM stands for the National Association of Music Merchants and their annual trade shows provide the opportunity for the more than 9,000 retailers, manufacturers, distributors and musical instruments reps to talk shop often introducing new product lines. It is a time for all us inflicted with G.A.S. (gear acquistion syndrome) experience much pain as we thumb though the coverage published in pretty much every music related print publication.

You can download the Winter NAMM 2009 event lineup here.

To get up to date coverage and videos of the show, be sure to check out Harmony Central's Winter NAMM 2009 page and the Winter NAMM 2009 Discussion Forum.

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