Guitar Hero III - First Game to Break $1 Billion in Sales

Tuesday, January 13, 2009| by Will Chen

In January of 2008, Activision announced that their top selling franchise broke $1 billion in sales in an industry record time of 26 months. Now, it appears the Guitar Hero III alone has surpassed that record.

Game Daily reported on Jan 11, 2009 that during a keynote address at this year's CES Activision CEO Mike Griffith announced that Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock has become the first ever game to break the $1 billion threshold.  The article continues to describe the "profound effect" the game has had on the music industry and serves up the example of Guitar Hero:Aerosmith selling three times more units than their last studio album.

Hopefully, this phenomena will translate into some solid sales for real world instrument retailers and manufacturers carrying them through the current economic downturn...

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