Kasha Amplifiers Quikmod Mini - DIY "No Mod" Mod

Monday, January 12, 2009| by Will Chen

If you are a confirmed tweak-a-holic always tinkering with your gear but have been afraid to dig in to your tube amp to the warning of potentially lethal high voltages, Kasha Amplifiers has come up with a drop in mod as easy as swapping a tube.

The Quickmod Mini comes in several flavors including boost, line in, and master volume and is a direct drop in preamp tube replacement. The Gain/Boost Quickmod replaces V1 and offers a foot switchable gain boost adding a second channel to vintage single channel amps without any permanent mods while the Line In Quickmod replaces V3 offers the ability to bypass the amps preamp to use an amp modeler or external preamp of choice. Retail pricing starts at $99 and the Quickmods will begin shipping in March of 2009.

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