The Year in Review

Thursday, January 1, 2009| by Will Chen

Wow, 2008 sure did flash by! When I started in February of 2008, I set myself a goal of attaining 10,000 monthly visitors by January of 2009. So how’d do?


The number of new subscribers a month averaged 25% growth month over month with a peak of 207% in June of 2008. Since that peak, the subscriber base showed an average monthly growth of 15%.

Since changing web hosts in May of 2008, has averaged approximately 12% monthly visitor growth peaking at just over 7,000 in December 2008. While this is short of the 10,000 visitor goal, it is quite a success compared to the ~500 visitors of the Premier issue. increased its staff from yours truly, Will Chen, to include Alan “Frets99” Sirvent, John Dybala, Brian Martin, and Zack Felton.


A few months back, I promised a web shop and never delivered. The shop is on the back burner for now but will eventually be implemented when the timing just isn’t right.

Advertising revenue fell short of my expectations in 2008 and is definitely operating in the red. This is part of the reason for the switch to a bi-monthly publication schedule. Though, the increasing traffic indicates a potential for increased 2009 revenue which will hopefully fund the purchase of a dedicated server to launch several high bandwidth projects currently in the pipeline.

I'm not a very good photographer. I'm getting better, but still have much to learn. Sorry for some of the fuzzy and over processed photos.

Lessons Learned

Well, ultimately the lesson I learned is you can’t please everyone. While feedback across the board was generally positive, so felt I was being unduly harsh by providing my honest opinion, flaws and all, of instruments which “should be expected to be flawed” while a couple people felt I wasn’t harsh enough. I was even accused of being a shill for a manufacturer!

All in all, it was a pretty good year. Here’s to many more…

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