Spice up Your Turnaround Part II

Thursday, January 1, 2009| by Will Chen

As we learned last time, a chord inversion is a chord in which a note other than the root note is the lowest note of the chord. We applied inversions and extensions to a traditional blues turnaround to kick things up a notch. This month we’ll, we’ll take those concepts to the next step and look at a basic jazz turnaround, the II, V, I.

First our basic progression, a II, V, I in the key of E:

Now, let’s spice up the progression a little with some chord extensions. For the II chord, we’ll add the 9 and drop out the root F# entirely (as the bassist will often have this covered) as well as drop out the lower octave C#.

Next we’ll move to a B7 first inversion and add both the nine and 13.

Finally, we resolve to the tonic Emaj7add9 chord in third inversion which creates a D# pedal tone.

Cool huh? Now try playing II, V, I progressions in different keys employing the concepts we’ve discussed on your own.

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