Planet Waves Planet Lock Strap

Thursday, January 1, 2009| by Will Chen

At a recent jam session, my strap failed sending my PRS Singlecut SE crashing to the ground. Fortunately, I grabbed the neck saving the instrument from damage though the jack hit the ground sapping the ¼” connector of my cable (a good reminder to always have a backup).

The next day, researching locking strap options I happened upon the Planet Waves Lock Strap, an innovative idea placing the locks at the ends of your strap rather than requiring replacement the strap pins on your guitar. This looked like the perfect solution for me so I purchased one.

The strap is offered in five of Planet Waves most popular patterns, but I choose plain black as I typically don’t want anything distracting from the beauty of my guitars. The nylon strap is high quality and the locking strap ends a fairly unobtrusive. Speaking of the strap ends, the back of the ends have a protective coating to ensure the finish of your guitar isn’t harmed and the locking mechanism is 60% smaller than their previous generation. The mechanism works using a locking, sliding ring which you close around your strap pin using a thumb wheel.

In use, the strap works exactly as advertised. After putting on the strap, I yanked at it fairly hard from a few different angles and it didn’t budge. If it stood up to that test, I feel it confident it isn’t going to fail on me as a traditional strap can.

Price: ~ $20 USD
Pros: Modless straplock option
Cons: None

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