IMV- Behind The Player Video Series

Wednesday, December 31, 2008| by Will Chen

Ever wanted to sit down and talk with one of your heroes, maybe even take a lesson? Do yourself a favor and check out The IMV (Interactive Music Video) Behind the Player series. The series focuses around some of today’s prominent metal icons such as John 5 (Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie) and Munky (Korn) featuring an in-depth Behind the Player section by the artist discussing their biography and how they started playing guitar. The biographies are presented in an extremely intimate format as if you’re sitting right in the room with the player and provide insightful detail as to who these guys really are beyond the media hype. For example, seeing John 5 play banjo-esque and western swing segments or learning Munky lost the tip of an index finger in his youth and being encouraged by a doctor to pick up an instrument to rehabilitate.

Though, the real fun begins with the lessons. First off, you get a sit down lesson with the artist covering the song in depth and insight into how to approach complex sections often slowing down and repeating passages to ensure you see exactly what’s going on. Next on the menu is a Jam feature which has the artist performing the song live in studio giving you a front row seat to see the player’s technique in the context of the song as it’s performed. Finally, IMV has also included an awesome video tab feature with an almost Guitar Hero-esque presentation allowing you to play along with the artist. Sweet. Each video is also packed with bonus features such as rare photos and videos.

At $29.95, some might feel the price is a bit steep. However, priced against actual lessons the series is a real bargain allowing you to learn at your own pace plus you’re learning from the actual guitarist who played the part. For more information, check out the IMV website.

Price: ~$24.95 USD
Pros: Excellent in-depth lessons and insightful artist biographies
Cons: None

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