I Remember That Song...

Tuesday, December 30, 2008| by Will Chen

I remember seeing the “Power Ballad” collections of 80’s hair metal love songs years ago and for the first time realizing my perspective had changed from “I love that song” to “I remember that song”. It was a subtle wakeup call (one of many) that my teenage idols had fallen and life had moved on.

While flipping through the channels the other night, I saw a commercial which made me feel way that way all over again.  It was a commercial for a “Buzz Ballads” collection.  Again, I found myself saying “I remember that song” to many college anthems like Tonic's If You Could Only See, Stone Temple Pilots' Plush, and Clumsy by Our Lady Peace which I cranked on the long road trips from Denton to Houston and back during breaks from the University of North Texas. 

This time around, I must admit I saw it coming from a mile away as the older I get the more accepting I am that my wild days are behind me.  However, it did get me thinking. There was a big shift in rock music from the glam of the 80’s through the short lived grudge phase and into “alternative” rock (I still don’t understand how the word alternative can be used for mainstream music, but whatever).  The next wave of rock seems to have stalled out perhaps waiting for the next young gun to flagrantly rock with the careless youthful attitude so missing from the prefabricated angst and angry posturing which has dominated so much alternative rock.

Oh well, maybe I’m just too old to get it. Oh…gotta go AC/DC’s on the radio…

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