RIAA to Reduce Lawsuit Enforcement of Copyright Violators

Sunday, December 21, 2008| by Will Chen

Finally, the RIAA is looking into alternative methods to enforcing the illegal downloads of copyrighted material. Multiple media outputs reported on December 19th that the RIAA would be shifting the enforcement to internet service providers providing lists of minor infractors to the ISP who would send an warning e-mail to the infringer.  If the illegal downloads continue, the ISP would proceed to slow down or cancel their service.  The RIAA would continue to chase down the biggest offenders who average 5,000 to 6,000 illegal downloads a month.

This is a positive move in my opinion which still enforces the copyright law without stiffly penalizing minor offenders. However, there are two big flaws in the policy. The first being the inability to isolate and penalize individual users on public computers such as libraries and the second being the likely inability to unify all the ISP companies to prevent someone canceled from one service from simply opening a new account with another for a given period of time. Time will tell if this new direction is successful.

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