Even Eric Clapton has a Web Store...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008| by Will Chen

In my daily perusing of the net for guitar related sites, I stumbled upon a kinda interesting web store apparently run by Eric Clapton (or more likely run on his behalf). The interesting aspect is a large majority of the items are items which he is paid to endorse.  Why is that interesting?  Well, part of an endorsement deal is typically receiving a quantity of the endorsed item for free in addition to being paid for your likeness and name to appear on the product. So if Mr Clapton is indeed liquidating his endorsement schwag inventory, the result is pure profit.  Even if the items are being ordered at cost, he's still being paid by the manufacturer to use his name and likeness. Absolutely brilliant.

Then again, perhaps this store itself is an endorsement deal allowing a third party to use his name to push his products. At least when someone asks you where you got your DigiTech Artist Series Eric Clapton Crossroads Pedal, you can say I got it from Clapton…

The Eric Clapton Store

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