The November Issue of is Online!

Monday, November 3, 2008| by Will Chen

The November issue of has just been published. Thanks for all your continued support. 

October we received over 5300 visitors and almost 20,000 page views! T-Shirts continue to be delayed and the webshop is still in development.  Be sure to voice your opinion in the poll regarding want type of future content you would like to see.

Inside the November Issue:

AXL Badwater Jacknife
Brice HXB-406
Crate V18-112
Danelectro FAB Pedals
20 Gift Ideas Under $100 (Nov 10th)
Tradition Guitars Company Profile 
Auralex Aural-Xpanders (Nov 10th)

Finally, John Gruber brought a correction to our attention regarding the review of the PRS SE Singlecut in the April issue. The original review listed the fretboard radius as 9.5 inches but it is actually 10 inches (the PRS standard). Also, the original review stated intonation was non-adjustable however the bridge does offer two set screws to adjust the overall angle of the bridge. Thanks John!

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