Tuesday, September 30, 2008| by Will Chen

One of the most embarrassing moments of my youth was being handing a friend’s prized new Ibanez guitar. It was gorgeous and I trembled with excitement as I carefully lowered it to my lap. After a few minutes of youthful shredding, I lifted the guitar to return it and heard the terrible grating sound of my belt buckle gouging the back of his axe. The horror! If only Florida based AxeGlove had been offering their products back then, I might not have lost a friend…

The AxeGlove is basically a form fitting outfit for your guitar consisting of a 2-piece neck and body design made of moisture absorbing cotton flannel. The body portion is meant to stay on constantly while the neck portion is removed while playing.

AxeGlove provides several custom fit designs covering the most popular models from the big manufacturers. Our review model is designed for the Fender Telecaster and the fit is nice and snug. The material is definitely thick enough to protect your guitar from buckle rash or the light accidental bump. Also, around the house I often find myself picking up a guitar while not wearing a shirt. Rather than the cold greeting I normally receive, the soft and warm cotton texture of the AxeGlove was very welcoming.

There were no extraneous threads hanging from the neat seams and overall the AxeGlove feels very sturdy. A nice and appreciated additional feature is a pocket to hold extra picks along the upper side.

While the AxeGlove does slightly distract from the natural cosmetics of your favorite guitar, the trade off may be worth it especially for the accident prone or teachers who have inexperienced students handling their guitars on a regular basis.

Price: $39.99 direct (
Pros: Nice soft feel, protection from buckle rash and small bumps and bruises
Cons: Distracts from the guitar’s natural cosmetics

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