Rising Gas Prices

Wednesday, June 4, 2008| by Will Chen

Musicians are in an interesting dilemma as rising gas prices eat into the already low profits earned from road gigs. As gas prices continue to rise, automotive manufacturers are scaling back SUV construction. GM is even questioning the profitability of the Hummer. There are a number of promising high fuel efficiency cars on the horizon such as the space age Aptera 300 MPG wonder, but musicians often need rather a rather large vehicle to transport their gear between gigs. What’s the answer? There are quite a few SUVs today which can average 25 to 30 mpgwith the Ford Escape Hybrid leading the pack. More impressive is Saab’s Breakout 9-X BioHybrid offering a whooping 50 MPG. It’s still a concept but I’ll bet it will be offered within the next 2 years. However, the most impressive story I’ve read is the 150 mpg Extreme Hybrid SUV by AFS Trinity (embedded video). If this vehicle lives up to the marketing hype, they will revolutionize the SUV industry overnight.

While the current generation of hybrid vehicles is still fairly expensive, I would expect to see an inverse correlation of the price of gas and the price of hybrids as demand will steadily increase. And hopefully, Congress will extend the tax credit given to hybrid car purchasers…

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