Summer Movies for Musicians

Tuesday, June 3, 2008| by Will Chen

So Sex and the City is on the big screen, Shyamalan has a new flick, and we have a new chapter (albeit not a very good one from what I've heard) in the Indiana Jones quartogy...or what ever you call it when there's four of something.  Looks like a promising summer for movies.  So are there any good movies that we musicians can directly relate?

Well, we'll see the big screen adaptation of the ABBA themed musical Mamma Mia! With a cast featuring Meryl Streep, Piece Brosnan, and Colin Firth, I'm sure it will be a big hit. Not exactly my cup of tea, but I'm sure many will be humming the tunes on the way out of the theater.

August will bring The Rocker, a story of a middle aged drummer getting a second chance when his nephew's high school rock band needs a replacement drummer for their prom night gig.  Rainn Wilson (of NBC/s The Office) is in the lead role and the trailer looks good.

On video, be sure to check out Still Crazy. The 1998 comedy documents the come back of '70's rock super group "Strange Fruit". This is about as close as you'll get to a Spinal Tap sequel.

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