Welcome to the Premier e-issue of the Frugal Guitarist

Friday, February 1, 2008| by Will Chen

Welcome to the premier e-issue of the Frugal Guitarist, your one stop shop for getting big tone on low bones.

Over the years, I have grown more and more leery of the methods used to price guitars. It seems quite often, the price is based more on the name on the headstock than the quality of the instrument. There is a valid reason for the price of a fine custom handmade exotic wood instrument, however many high dollar instruments are production line assembled with varying quality standards. In fact, standards have fallen so far in some cases that there are often very competitive lower priced instruments.

As such, there have never been more choices available to musicians. However, the abundance of choice is a blessing and a curse. Making the decision of what gear to buy has never been more difficult. The choices can be overwhelming. Additionally, more guitarists are taking chances buying instruments online without playing or seeing them in person first. We at the Frugal Guitarist are dedicated to providing our readers with detailed reviews of under-the-radar gear and guides to the best bargains on the net. So sit back and enjoy the ride, we're sure that whatever your skill level or stylistic leaning, the Frugal Guitarist has something for you.

-Will Chen Editor in Chief

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